🚦Service Notifications

 Regular Scheduled Maintenance

At ZeroSSL we use scheduled maintenance windows to perform maintenance during which certificate operations might intermittently be impaired. Maintenance windows follow these guidelines:

  • Scheduled Saturdays starting from 12 pm UTC, except for certain holidays and blackout periods
  • Last for 4 hours until 4 am UTC
  • Certificate operations are resumed once the maintenance is completed
  • ✅ It is possible to login to ZeroSSL and download existing certificates.

👉 Outside of these windows, ad-hoc maintenance might be performed for important & critical updates.

Please find updates about unplanned maintenance and other kind of service notifications below:

January 2024
🟠 10:03 (UTC)

We are experiencing issues with our certificate issuance. You may experience delayed issuance until the problem is identified. We apologize for the inconvenience.

Our back-end team is investigating the incident, and we will update you as soon as one is available.

🟡 11:34 (UTC)
The issue has been identified and fixed. There is a backlog of orders to be processed and the system is expected to return to normal operational in the coming hour. We will continue to monitor the backlog of certificates.
🟢 12:34 (UTC)
✅ The problem has been resolved. There are no more delays in issuing certificates, and any backlogs have been successfully cleared.

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