Installing SSL Certificate on WHM

You can find instructions for installing an SSL certificate on a WHM web server below.

Before You Start

Before you start, please make sure you have downloaded your certificate files. Still haven't downloaded your certificate? To get instructions for how to download your certificate (.zip), you can click here.

After downloading your certificate, you should have a ZIP containing the following certificate files:

  • certificate.crt
  • ca_bundle.crt
  • private.key

Certificate Installation:

  1. First, please log in to WHM. The login URL is typically available under:
  2. On the WHM Homepage, click the "SSL/TLS" button.
  3. On the SSL/TLS Manager page, click "Install an SSL Certificate on a Domain".
  4. In the "Domain" input, enter the domain name you would like to secure with your new SSL certificate.
  5. Copy & paste the content of your certificate files (certificate.crt, ca_bundle.crt & private.key) into the corresponding inputs.
  6. Finally, click on "Install" to complete the process.

Check Installation

Congratulations, you have completed all required steps to install your SSL certificate. To check whether or not your certificate has been installed correctly, simply use the built-in ZeroSSL "Check Installation" tool or try accessing your domain using HTTPS, e.g.

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