Information for Software Resellers/Distributors

There are two ways to purchase a subscription at ZeroSSL.

1) Using your client's account 2) Creating a dedicated account
  • Account credentials required

  • Billing e-mails and invoices sent to your customer
  • Create an account under your own domain.
  • All invoices and billing e-mails are sent to you.
  • You can simply share the API key with your client.

🟢 Your client receives better customer support since the account matches his company domain.

🟠 You need to know your client's personal account credentials.

🟠 Your client receives billing e-mails.

🟢 Easy to setup

🔴 Your client cannot access the dashboard and only use API / ACME to create certificates

🟠 We cannot recognize your client as an account owner immediately.

Notable stuff:

  • We only allow annual billing for this use-case
  • The first invoice is always a prorated one. (xx.xx.2020 → 01.01.2021)
    • The second and any following invoice is year to year. (01.01.2021 - 01.01.2022)
  • By default, a PO cannot be added on invoice creation, unless you add it to the billing address in the user account.
  • A tax number for EU companies is mandatory.

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