Installing SSL Certificate on cPanel

Below you will find instructions outlining how to install an SSL certificate on a cPanel webserver.

Before You Start

Please make sure you have downloaded your certificate files. Still haven't downloaded your certificate? To get instructions on how to download your certificate (.zip), you can click here.

After downloading your certificate, you should have a ZIP containing the following certificate files:

  • certificate.crt
  • ca_bundle.crt
  • private.key

  1. First, please log in to your cPanel account. Typically, you can access your account by navigating to

  2. Next, scroll down to the "Security" page of the cPanel homepage and select "SSL/TLS" to access the SSL/TLS Manager, which allows you to manage the configuration of SSL & TLS certificates.

  3. Click "Install and Manage SSL for your site"

  4. Use the "Domain" dropdown menu to select the domain you would like to install your SSL certificate for.

  5. Open the Certificate file using a text editor like Notepad. Copy the full text including the header and footer —–BEGIN CERTIFICATE—– and —–END CERTIFICATE—–
    Now enter (copy & paste) your certificate files (certificate.crt, ca_bundle.crt & private.key) into the respective fields.

  6. Finally, click on "Install Certificate".

  7. Check Installation

    You have completed all the required steps to install your SSL certificate. To check whether or not your certificate has been installed correctly, simply use the built-in ZeroSSL "Check Installation" tool or try accessing your domain using HTTPS, e.g.


Your site has now been secured using your new SSL certificate!

  Tips & Tricks

  • If you get the error Your connection to this site is not fully secure please enable Redirect HTTP to HTTPS automatically.
  • Some customers reported an error in cPanel (hosted by GoDaddy) that the certificate is expired, even though you paste the newly issued one.
    You can resolve it by deleting all expired certificates from your server, after that you should be able to add the new one without problems.

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