Certificate Revocation

As the name already implies, certificate revocation is a process of invalidating an issued SSL certificate before its expiration date. 

 When should I do it? 

You may choose to revoke an SSL Certificate if:

  • You believe that anyone of the servers that the certificate was installed on has been compromised and the private key might have been leaked
  • Your access credentials (username/password) for ZeroSSL have been compromised
  • You are closing your business
  • You are shutting down the domain

 What type of Certificates can be revoked?

You can revoke any certificate issued via the ZeroSSL portal. Currently, certificates issued via ACME can not be revoked from inside the portal - please follow the instructions of your ACME client for revoking those certificates. 

Note: Revoking a certificate does not free up any credits on your account! 

 How do I revoke a certificate? 

Login to your ZeroSSL account and move to the "Issued" Tab in your Dashboard. 

From the drop-down menu select Revoke


A pop us message will show you, that you need to confirm: 


Your revoked certificate will be visible under the "Cancelled" certificate tab:


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