How Is the Quota Calculated?

Depending on if you are a Free or Paid user we have different ways of how the quota is calculated. 

Below you can find a brief explanation of the most common cases:

Free.svgFree Basic.svgBasic premium.svgPremium business.svgBusiness

👉Certificates in "draft" and "pending validation" status are counted against that quota

👉 Make sure not to create any duplicates as they count against your quota of 3


In the example shown, the user has 1 Draft certificate, 1 issued and 1 expired certificate; in order to issue 1 more certificate, the user has to cancel the draft certificate. If you don't know how to cancel a certificate, please check our this article: Cancelling an SSL Certificate

⚠ Important to notice

❗Regardless of the subscription plan you are using, revoking a certificate will not free up space in your quota. Learn more about certificate revocation here .

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