Revoking Certificates Issued via ACME

Revoking via the ZeroSSL Portal

Due to security reasons, we currently don't allow certificates that are issued via ACME to be revoked via the ZeroSSL Portal user interface. In order to revoke such certificates please use your ACME client's revocation feature.

Revoking certificates with Certbot™️

In order to revoke a certificate issued via Electronic Frontier Foundation's Certbot™️ you can use either of the following certbot commands

  • Revoking with the original ACME account

If your certbot configuration and ACME account is stored on your device you can use the following certbot command to revoke the certificate:

certbot revoke --server --cert-path /etc/letsencrypt/archive/{YOUR_DOMAIN}/cert1.pem
  • Revoking using just the private key

In case your original ACME credentials have been lost you're also able to revoke a certificate using just the certificate and private key that was used to create the certificate:

certbot revoke --server --cert-path {PATH_TO_certificate.pem} --key-path {PATH_TO_privatekey.pem}

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