Creating an SSL Certificate

Please follow the steps below to create a new SSL certificate on ZeroSSL. Before you start, please note that you can choose from single-domain, multi-domain and wildcard certificates with a both 90-day or 1-year validity.

Step 1: Enter Domain(s)

To create an SSL certificate, navigate to the New Certificate page and get ready to enter the domain(s) you want secured. You can enter a single domain or multiple domains, or choose to protect your domains using a wildcard certificate.

  • Single-Domain Certificate
    Secure a single domain using your SSL certificate. For single-domain certificates, the www-version of your domain will be secured as well at no additional charge.
  • Multi-Domain Certificate
    Secure multiple domains using your SSL certificate. You can both add multiple versions of the same domain (e.g. www-version or subdomain) as well as completely unrelated domains (e.g. and
  • Wildcard Certificate
    Secure all subdomain versions of your dumain using your SSL certificates. Wildcards are typically shown as * in order to represent that any type of subdomain is protected at once.

Create Certificate: Domains

Step 2: Choose Validity

Next, you will need to choose between a 90-day or 1-year validity for your SSL certificate. To keep manual work renewing certificates at a minimum, we usually recommend choosing 1-year certificates.

  • 90-Day Certificate
    SSL certificates with a validity of 90 days. For this type of certificate, manual renewal will be required every 90 days.
  • 1-Year Certificate
    SSL certificates with a validity of 1 year (365 days). For this type of certificate, renewal will be required once per year.

Create Certificate: Validity

Step 3: CSR & Contact

Before finalizing your order, you will need to make a choice between having your Certificate Signing Request (CSR) automatically generated by our system or entering your CSR or contact details manually to generate a CSR. Find three available options below:

  • Auto-Generate CSR (Default)
    This option will auto-generate your CSR based on your account information.
  • Enter Contact Details
    This option will allow you to enter your contact details manually, based on which a CSR will be generated.
  • Paste Existing CSR
    This option will allow you to paste an existing CSR to use for the creation of your SSL certificate.
    👉 Note: we only support RSA Key with 2048 or 3072 bit length


Create Certificate: CSR & Contact

  System Insights

Wondering about how CSR information is processed securely by ZeroSSL? To learn more about our system and security measures, please navigate to the System Insights section of this Help Center.

Step 4: Finalize

Depending on your choices in steps 1-3, our system will automatically detect which subscription plan you will need to finalize your order. If you are satisfied with your choice of certificate settings and subscription plan, simply click "Next Step" to finalize your order and create your new SSL certificate.

Create Certificate: Finalize

Warning on WhatsApp   You are experiencing issues while creating a Certificate?

Before contacting us please try the following three things:

  1. If your certificate is in draft status, please cancel the draft and try again
    👉 Canceling SSL certificates
  2. Visit this Troubleshooting article for further help!!
  3. Please check for an ongoing service incident.

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