Renewing an SSL Certificate

Whenever a certificate is nearing its expiration date or expires, a notification email is sent to your account email address carrying a link for renewal. In addition, these certificates will also show up in the categories "Expiring Soon" or "Expired" of your certificates list along with an option to renew.

  Renewal Period

Please note that a certificate can only be renewed within 30 days of its expiration date

Renew Certificate

Step 1: Click "Renew" or "Renew Certificate"

Clicking the "Renew" button in your certificates list or the "Renew Certificate" button inside an expiration notification email will take you to the standard page where certificates are created, with all certificate information (domains, validity, etc.) pre-filled for your convenience.

Step 2: Follow Steps to Create a Certificate

Next, simply follow the default steps to finalize your SSL certificate order.

  Existing certificates

Your existing certificate will remain active until the expiration date. However, you can always install the new certificate before that expiration date.

Warning on WhatsApp   You are experiencing issues during renewal?

Before contacting us please try the following three things:

  1. Did you reach the maximum amount of allowed certificates? Makes sure to check if you have any draft certificates as they are being counted against your quota you can easily cancel them and your quota will be adjusted:
    Backhand Index Pointing Right on Samsung Canceling SSL certificates

  2. Visit this Troubleshooting article for further help!!
  3. Please check for an ongoing service incident.

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