Troubleshooting - Email Verification

If you have chosen email as your Verification method and something went wrong please have a look at the possible reasons and troubleshooting steps: 

Red Circle on Twitter I Don’t Have Access to the Listed Emails

The email addresses listed in the options for email validation are a set of standard email addresses for domain admins (admin@... or alongside addresses listed on the corresponding WHOIS for the domain in question.

As the owner of the domain or administrator of it, you should be able to access these.

Warning on Samsung If you don't own an email for your domain, you need to choose a different verification method.

Yellow Circle on Twitter  I Did Not Receive the Email – Status Pending Validation
For each domain in your certificate, you will receive a separate confirmation email with simple verification instructions. If you still have not received the email, here a few things that you can check when troubleshooting this:
  • Ensure that your constructed email address account/alias has been properly configured. Test the constructed email address by sending an email to it from a known-working email account.
  • Check your junk mail and spam folders
  • Ensure that your firewall or email security appliance did not block the email or place it in quarantine - we see this as one of the main reasons why emails are not delivered
  • Email are being sent from ZeroSSL <> so make sure to whitelist this
  • Resend the email from within your ZeroSSL Dashboard
Purple Circle on Twitter The Verification Link Is Not Visible
Please check if the email is fully displayed and if you have received it in your SPAM folder, please move it to your primary inbox to display the full content. 
Purple Circle on Twitter The Verification Link Is Not Working
Please note that you need to click the link within 30 days due to certificate requirements. Otherwise, a new email will be sent, and the old link will be voided. 

  Troubles during verification?

Before contacting us please try the following three things:

  1. Please try also at least one of the other two remaining methods.
  2. Visit this Troubleshooting article for further help!!
  3. Please check for an ongoing service incident.

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